Our Portfolio

We created a number of complementary businesses to generate growing global impact in developing economies.

  • Established as a proprietary trading company in April 2005, Mercury Derivatives Trading Limited has anchored its presence and reputation in global derivatives markets through its market share growth and impact as a global liquidity provider on international financial exchanges.

  • Argaman Algo Ventures aims to source and develop algorithmic and automatic systems in financial markets. In addition to complementing our traditional market activity, these automated systems connect us to the algorithmic trading sector, gain access to creative new ideas to fuel future growth and innovation, generate new and independent revenue streams, and diversify our portfolio.

  • Hertshten Group invested in Futures First , which operates in India and Israel. These companies provide professional research and advisory services in global derivatives markets. They also bring unique job opportunities to these regions as top graduates of the most renowned universities in these countries are attracted to the challenge of engaging in international financial markets from their home country.

  • Quantum Insurance, incorporated in 2014, is a start-up insurance company serving customers in Mauritius initially. Quantum serves commercial, institutional and individual customers through its innovative, modern platform. It offers property-casualty and general insurance services and is the first to offer fully integrated end-to-end online direct insurance solutions in Mauritius.

  • Hertshten Properties Ltd. is a commercial real estate investment company.